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Deep Blue are authorised dealers for Fi-Clor, the UK's favourite pool care products. 


Chlorine is used to kill those potentially harmful germs and micro-organisms. It is arguably the most successful broad spectrum sanitiser known to man – broad spectrum because it tackles not only germs but viruses, fungi and even microscopic plant life such as algae as well. Fi-Clor chlorine-based sanitisers offer a choice of granular or tabletted products in which the chlorine is delivered in a solid form that is safe for pool owners to use, but when mixed with water releases a powerful and effective dose of free available chlorine.

Stablished Chlorine Range

  • Fi-Clor Maxi Tablets
  • Fi-Clor Mini Tablets
  • Fi-Clor Chlorine Granules
  • 5-Bouy Floating Dispenser
  • Mini-Bouy Floating Dispenser (for small pools)

Shock Chlorine Range

  • Superfast Shock Granules
  • Supercapsules


You should balance the water to help keep it crystal clear and protect both the pool and the circulation system from scale or corrosion. For water to be in balance, the pH, total alkalinity and calcium hardness should all be within recommended limits

Water Balance Range

  • pH & Alkilinity Reducer (Dry Acid)
  • pH Increaser (Soda Ash)
  • Alkilinity Increaser
  • Hardness Increaser
  • Chlorine Stabiliser

Prevention or Cure Range

  • Granular Floc
  • Clarifier Tablets
  • Multi-Function Algicide
  • Ultra Concentrated Algicide
  • Rapid Clarifier
  • Stain & Scale Inhibitor
  • Tile & Liner Cleaner
  • Chlorine/Bromine Reducer

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