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Pool Maintenance

Regular Maintenance Visits

For us to attend on a regular basis to perform the following procedures:

  • To clean the pool
  • To alter pool water chemistry if necessary
  • To ensure dosing equipment is working correctly and adjust as necessary
  • To check all pool plant and carry out necessary routine maintenance (backwashing etc)


Spring Commissioning

To commission your pool suitable for swimming

Winter De-Commissioning

To de-commmission your pool for winter

Mid-Winter Check

We also offer a mid-winter check, this would include:

  • Water levelling
  • Chemical dosing as required
  • Plant room inspection

Swimming Pool Care Lesson

Do you have a new swimming pool or have moved into a property with a pool and/or spa and not sure how to look after it?  We can visit you and teach you what you need to know to fully enjoy your new pool, without any worries.


 Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

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