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Solar Covers

Deep Blue provides a complete range of solar covers for heat retension of swimming pools.  Ranging from the economy grade 200 micron blue covers, which are mainly for above ground pools, through to 400 blue/silver and 500 micron blue/gold solar covers.

The big difference between the Silver/Blue 400 cover and the standard Blue 400 cover is that whilst they both offer excellent protection against heat loss through evaporation, the Silver/Blue 400 cover has an extra aluminium pigment coating fixed onto the bubble side of the material which provides a semi-reflective surface on the underside of the cover. This metallic finish enables the cover to reflect back into the pool some of the infra red radiation (heat) which is trying to escape.

Solar Glide Leading Edge Kit can be factory fitted, which enables the cover to be positioned easily on the pool with the minimum of effort.




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